Viking : Single and Double External Gear

Viking : Single and Double External Gear - Series SG-04, SG-05, SG-07

Viking's Spur Gear series pumps are ideal for low-capacity, high-pressure, motor-speed applications. All pumps increase by capacities of 40%, so there is always a pump within 20% of your capacity needs.

These pumps offer lips seals, mechanical seals or Mag Drive® options. They are available with foot mount, C-flange motor mount or four-bolt motor mount (lip seal only). Integral pressure relief valves are standard on single pumps, not available on double pumps.

Double pumps offer two independent pumping units operated from a single power source to reduce equipment costs. These may be used to pump from one fluid source to two applications, two fluids to two applications, or for proportioning two fluids together. Standard pumps do allow some mixing within the pump, but optional seals are available to prevent mixing if needed.

Some models are available with optional UL listing for Fuel Oil, for use in the assembly of power-operated oil burners or for use as oil-transfer pumps for No. 6 or lighter fuel oil (Series SG-05, sizes 0518 - 0528)

Performance Criteria :

  • Capacity: To 7.3 m³/hr
  • Pressure: To 102 bar
  • Temperature: -40°C to 230°C
  • Viscosities: To 16,500 cSt 

Applications :

  • External gear design provides high-speed, high-pressure capabilities in low-capacity applications. Direct drive with 2950, 1450 or 950 rpm motors