Trading with Us

Trading Accounts

Brown Brothers Engineers is a specialist pump supplier. All customers are required to complete and lodge an account application form in order to hold a trading account with us. Contact us for an application form.

Click here for our Terms and Conditions of Trade (PDF 70KB)

Payment Terms

Unless otherwise agreed and confirmed in writing, Brown Brothers Engineers’ standard trading terms are 20th day of the month following the date of the invoice relating to those goods or services. We appreciate prompt payment. Repeated late payment will result in credit accounts being revoked.

Methods of Payment

Brown Brothers Engineers accepts payment direct into our bank account or cheques. We do accept direct cash payments and do not keep cash on the premises.

Cheques are to made payable to “Brown Brothers Engineers Ltd” and posted to our Christchurch office:

  • Brown Brothers Engineers, Att: Accounts Receivable, PO Box 9414, Tower Junction, Christchurch 8149 - New Zealand

If you wish to pay direct into our bank account, please call your nearest Brown Brothers Engineers branch or our Account Receivable department on 03 365 0279 for our bank details.

Please forward your remittance advice attention to Accounts Receivable:

  • via fax to 03 366 6616
  • via email to

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Trade (PDF 70KB) for additional details.

Trading Hours

Monday to Friday 8.00 AM - 5.00 PM

If you have any queries with regards to trading with Brown Brothers Engineers Ltd, Contact Us