Welcome to Brown Brothers Engineers

Today at Brown Brothers, we are proud to continue our leading role in the New Zealand pump industry. One of this country’s largest pump companies, we remain fully New Zealand owned and operated.

We are committed to using our technical expertise, and industry experience, to work in partnership with clients to deliver quality pumping systems and services uniquely suited to New Zealand applications. Our mission statement illustrates this commitment to the industry and, more importantly, to our clients. The importation of a wide range of pumping equipment is just one aspect of the total service we provide.

Our nation wide operation includes the assembly, distribution, testing and custom building of pumpsets and pumping systems, together with installation and after sales service. Qualified engineers work closely with customers and engineering consultants to select exactly the right pump for the job, or the best pumping system for the project. And our commitment doesn’t stop there.

We are always available to advise on, adapt or extend pumping systems as needs change, or to resolve problems with operations and maintenance. Our qualified trades people provide expert after-sales support, backed by dedicated service and testing facilities in Christchurch and Auckland.

From small domestic pressure systems to large industrial process pumps, Brown Brothers Engineers provide a full range of pumps and pumping solutions to meet your needs.

Brown Brothers Engineers is the sole distributor for some of the world’s leading brand pumps, including Lowara, Goulds, Vogel, Viking, Sandpiper and Pioneer.

As one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading pump suppliers for almost a century, we have gained a wealth of experience. We can guarantee that you will get the best pumping solutions the world has to offer because we only supply the worlds leading pump brands.

Our qualified engineers work closely with you and engineering consultants to select exactly the right pump or pumping system for your project. For some examples of what we can do, check out our capabilities.

We also give superior after sales service, backed-up by our dedicated service and testing facilities.

For more information about our services and solutions please contact us.