Viking : Mag Drive Pump 8123, 8124, 8127 Series

Viking : Mag Drive Pump 8123, 8124, 8127 Series

The Viking Mag Drive® replaces traditional shaft coupling configurations with a magnetically-coupled configuration. Specifically, magnets are mounted on a stainless steel canister connected to the drive shaft. Magnetic force passes through this outer canister and drives the inner coupling. The Mag Drive eliminates the traditional "through-the-body" shaft coupling arrangements.

Performance :

  • No packing or mechanical seals means no seal failure or replacement
  • Easily handles both high and low viscosity fluids
  • Reduce material loss, contamination and general housekeeping
  • Simple design, easy to maintain
  • Proven reliability, 100 years of experience

Performance Criteria :

  • Capacity: To 114 m³/hr
  • Pressure: To 8.5 bar
  • Temperature: -50°C to 260°C
  • Viscosities: To 55,000 cSt 

Applications :

  • Magnetic drive replaces shaft seals to eliminate leakage and fugitive emissions, minimize downtime where seal maintenance is a concern. Excellent for liquids such as TDI