SANDPIPER, a unit of IDEX. Warren Rupps SANDPIPER brand was founded in 1965 and is one of the largest producers of Air Operated Diaphragm ( AOD )pumps and accessories that handle virtually any industrial fluid. With no close fitting parts, low internal velocities and gentle non-sharing action, they can pump anything from fine wines, oils, paints, chemicals, printing inks to abrasive viscous slurries.

SANDPIPER’s exclusive, externally serviceable air distribution system (ESADS +Plus) provides in-line serviceability of the air valve and is guaranteed not to fail.

The name SANDPIPER originated during the development of the first Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pump by Warren Rupp. AODD pumps were designed to handle solids of any appreciable size. To accelerate wear during the development of the pump, a slurry of very abrasive silica sand was continuously cycled through the pump. The sand slurry often wore through the piping before the pump failed. Since the sand was pumped through a pipe, Warren E. Rupp, the company founder, named the pump the SANDPIPER.

  • Sand Piper Food Grade Std. FDA T1F, T15 pump
  • Sandpiper Gas Pump DMF2 M Metallic
  • Sandpiper Heavy Duty Ball SB1 metallic pump
  • Sandpiper HD Flap Metal SA1 pump
  • Sandpiper High Pressure EH2M Pump
  • Sandpiper Metal Ball Valve Metallic Group
  • Sandpiper Plastic Ball Valve Non Metallic Group
  • Sandpiper Porta Pump - Submersible Centrifugal.
  • Sandpiper Spill Containment Metallic S20 pump
  • Sandpiper Food Grade USDA compliant Food Grade SSB1 DSB1 pump
  • Sandpiper Wastewater W09 pump