Lowara : Z Series 10” 12” Borehole Pumps

Multi-stage submersible centrifugal electric pumps for clean water in 10-12” diameter wells and larger

Lowara submersible borehole pumps for 10" & 12" wells. Made in cast iron and 304SS. Impeller or entire pump available in bronze on request. Built-in non-return valve. The guide bearings and wear rings assure high resistance to wear and long-term constancy and reliability of hydraulic characteristics. Can be coupled to all NEMA-standard motors.


  • Delivery: up to 520 m3/h
  • Head: up to 345 metres
  • Power supply: three-phase 50 Hz
  • Power: 11 kW to 300 kW
  • Maximum immersion depth: 350 metres (depending on LW motor)
  • Temperature of water: 0°C to 60°C (depending on the configuration of the motor)
  • Maximum permissible quantity of suspended sand: 50 g/m3


  • Delivery head/valve casing: Stainless steel
  • Diffuser: Stainless steel
  • Impeller: Stainless steel
  • Taperlock: Duplex stainless steel
  • Suction screen: Stainless steel
  • Pump shaft: Stainless steel
  • ZR version: available in DUPLEX

Market Sectors:

  • Agriculture
  • Municipal


  • Water distribution in civil and industrial systems
  • Pressure boosting
  • Irrigation
  • Fire-fighting
  • Mining industry
  • Groundwater level control


  • Z10, Z12
  • Versions available in Duplex on request