ITT-Goulds : 7200CB Barrel Multistage Pumps

ITT-Goulds: 7200CB Barrel Multistage Pumps

The Goulds 7200CB barrel pump conforms to the latest edition of API 610 (Type BB5). The 7200CB BB5 barrel pump is a high temperature, high pressure low specific gravity barrel pump for critical services. 

Specifications :

  • Capacity to 910 m3/h
  • Total Dynamic Head to 2740 m
  • Temperature to 425˚C
  • Pressure to 275 Bar
  • Operating Speeds to 6000 RPM 

Design Features :

  • Impeller Arrangements - In-line diffuser type design.
  • Diffusers / Impellers - Metal to metal stage casing fits. Key driven and shrink fit impellers secured against axial movement in both directions.
  • Fully-Shrouded Diffuser Standard - Increases reliability by nearly eliminating diffuser fatigue.
  • Low Vibration Design - Precision investment impeller castings and dynamically balanced rotor for low vibration.
  • Robust Rotor Design - With large stepped shaft and higher L3 / D4 ratios
  • Pull-Out Cartridge Assembly - Stage casings sealed by discharge pressure. Cartridge removed on larger pumps with cartridge assembled.
  • Barrel Outer Casing - Centerline mount, radial split, full design pressure. Cast barrel and nozzles. Custom nozzle locations / orientation available.
  • Balance Drum - Designed over allowable flow range and clearances to reliability balance axial forces.
  • Rigid 360° Bearing Bracket - For heavy duty service and low vibration levels.
  • Bearings - Ball radial and duplex thrust. Pressure lubricated sleeve radial / tilting pad thrust. INPROTM frictionless isolators
  • Flanges - Heavy duty class 900#, 1500#, and 2500# RF or RTJ flanges. 600# and 900# available on suction flange.
  • API 682 Seals - Accept a wide variety of seals, seal options and flush plans per API 610 and API 682.
  • Integral Wear Parts - Variety of API metallic and API non-metallic materials and coatings available.