Aerre2 : Single Pump Control Panel

The electric control panel is a simple system to command and protect, a electric motor

The electric control panel to microprocessore type 1QT/CE, with amperometric protection, is a new simple system and rations them in order to command and protect, in intelligent way, a electric motor, with possibility to visualize on the display, all the parameters of the same one. It has, through of the jumpers, the possibility to select the multiple systems of operation, 4 in our case, having a single type of electrical control panel. The main functions of the electrical control panel are: filling of a tank or emptying of one bathtub by means of a electric pump command from a transducer of pressure or level, with possibility of arrest of the same one, when the cosϕ or the cavitation pressure is inferior to the set up data, or when the consent contact departure electric pump is opened. Filling of a tank or emptying of a bathtub first command collection by means of a electric pump from the electric probes, arrest of the operation of the same one when the electric probes they are discovered from the water, or is opened the contact of the floater or pressure switch, or when the cosϕ it is under the set up value. The electrical control panel will be supplied for the operation to 230V/50-60Hz. The control panel is supplied to work at 400V/50-60Hz, but removing the fuse from its position at 400V and inserting it at 230V allows t to be used at 230V/50-60Hz three-phase, however it is necessary to check that the power of the pump is sufficient to the control panel.


  • Box in plastic material IP65
  • Card mother in glass-reinforced plastic
  • Line switch block door
  • Motor fuse block
  • Circuit to control sequence or missing phases
  • Fuse block with fuses for auxiliary
  • Amperometric transformer (TA) (ammeter)
  • Voltmeter transformer (TV) (voltmeter)
  • Autotransformer 0-230-400V/0-12V
  • Relay remote control switch of the pump
  • Relay for distance control of the alarm (optional)
  • Remote control switch
  • Push-button Ø 22 for pump command
  • Selector Ø 22 AUT-0-MAN
  • Push-button Ø 22 for pump stop
  • Buzzer to sound all alarms
  • Led line, white
  • Led march pump, green
  • Led generic alarms, red
  • Circuit to control sequence or missing phases
  • Liquids crystals display
  • Push-buttons membrane to organize the data
  • Frontal card of the electrical control panel for data processing
  • Terminal block for transducer
  • Cable glands
  • Heart terminal block


  • Degree of protection : IP56
  • Field of operation : -5°C + 40°C
  • Relative humidity : 50% with temperature of 40°C