Aerre2 : Boretech Pump Control Panel

Electric control panels to check the functioning of single & three phase bore hole pumps

These electric control panels, check the functioning of single & three phase bore hole pumps. The pump control is through a pressure switch or a float switch.


  • Single Phase & Three Phase
  • Power rating : 1 phase : 0.37 to 4kW,      3 phase : 0.37 to 11kW
  • Each single phase control box specific to motor size kW rating
  • Mains Isolator on front panel
  • IP65 enclosure
  • Manual / Auto switch
  • Monitors Voltage, Current, Power factor and Phase failure
  • 15 amp plug & lead for single phase only
  • Liquid Crystal Display
  • Audio & Visual alarms
  • Ambient temperature : -250 to +550 C
  • Float or Pressure switch operated


  • One Touch display : Power factor, Line Voltage, Total runtime, Amps
  • Alarm activated protection : Voltage change, Amperage change, Power factor change, Phase failure
  • Voltage protection : Pump stops if the voltage falls below 15% or rises above 10% of the nominal voltage
  • Amperage protection : Program to +5% and -10% of nominal current of the motor
  • Phase failure protection : Pump switches off if one or more phases are not in sequence
  • Automatic reset : Adjustable between 1 and 24 hours, unless terminal problems occour
  • Time Delay settings for pressure switch or float, current overload and power factor
  • Specific kW rating : Single phase control boxes are specific to Centripro motor size kW rating
  • Other Motors : Consult your nearest Brown Brothers Sales office.