ITT-Goulds : 3311 High-Pressure Multi-Stage Pumps

ITT-Goulds : 3311 High-Pressure Multi-Stage Pumps

Goulds Model 3311 is a radial split, segmented ring multistage pump... a proven state-of-the-art design for the most demanding high pressure services. The modular design and parts interchangeability reduce maintenance and inventory costs. Compact size and flexible nozzle positions reduce space and piping costs. High reliability, optimum efficiency, and simplified maintenance combined with low initial cost and low operating costs make the 3311 a true world class pump 


  • Capacities to 250 m3/hr
  • Heads to 1600 m
  • Temperatures to 180°C
  • Pressures to 160 bar

Design Features :

  • High Efficiency Performance is achieved by utilizing multiple hydraulics for each pump size. Reduce running costs by operating in the best efficiency range.
  • Modular Design permits option flexibility, reduces lead-times, and maximizes interchangeability. Spare parts inventory is reduced.
  • Ease of Maintenance is assured as roller bearings, mechanical seal, and balance device can be serviced without disturbing piping or driver.
  • Balance Drum/Disc Combination balances axial thrust over the full range of performance.
  • Rotating Element is dynamically balanced after individual balancing of the impellers. First critical speed is always above maximum operating speed.
  • Multiple Nozzle Orientations to fit your piping configurations.